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Careers Wales - Our new Beta website

We will be moving content to the new Beta Careers Wales website at from the current website at

What’s new

We have created some pages to give you the look and feel of the new website.

We want a website that will make the information on the Careers Wales website clearer and easier to find.  The new site is designed to work on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Our Beta site currently contains some of the content on our current site but is not yet complete. If you cannot find something on the new site look for it on our current site at

Please give your feedback

We will use your feedback to make improvements to the new website.

We are keen to hear what you think about the content, design and layout of the sample pages.

Give feedback

Ongoing Developments

We will be rolling out new pages and making improvements until we have a full new Careers Wales website. So keep an eye on what’s new on Beta!