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Centre determined grades

Find out where to get information on centre determined grades and get careers advice to help you plan your next steps.

In 2021, instead of sitting exams for GCSE and A/AS Levels and some college courses, you will receive centre determined grades.

What are centre determined grades?

Centre determined grades are grades that will be awarded to you by your school or college. These grades will be based on work and assessments you have completed on the course.

Teachers and lecturers will determine your grades based on your performance. Your school or college decides which pieces of work or assessments they will use to grade and will let you know what they will use. Get in touch with your school or college and visit your school or college's website to find out how they are going to determine your grades.

Schools and colleges will follow guidance given to them by Qualifications Wales when grading your work. Your school or college is required to have an appeals process in place.

Results day timetable in 2021

June 2021
Students receive provisional grades

Your school or college will give you provisional results in June. If you are not happy with your provisional result you can ask your school or college to review and check them before they submit your grade to the awarding body. 

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021
AS and A level results day / Level 3 results day

You will receive your confirmed grade on 10 August. You can appeal to the awarding body of your qualification, if you think the grade is not fair, or if a processing error has been made. If you are applying to university UCAS will still receive your grades from the awarding bodies and will pass them on to the universities you have applied to.

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Thursday, 12 August 2021
GCSE results day / Level 2 results day

You will receive your confirmed grade on 12 August. You can appeal to the awarding body of your qualification if you think the grade is not fair, or if a processing error has been made.

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Information on centre determined grades

Please visit the following for information and updates on how grades will be awarded in 2021:

Get careers advice and guidance

More than ever this year, make sure that you know your options and next steps for your future. Our careers advisers can help you to consider your options so that you can make the right decision. We can also help you to decide on a backup plan in case you do better, or worse, than you expected. 

Contact us for the help and support you need to plan your future. You can contact us in a range of ways including face to face, by telephone on 0800 028 4844, through live chat and by email.

Your Future Festival

Coming soon! Your Future Festival is being held from Monday 21 June to Friday 25 June. At Your Future Festival you can access a range of resources and information to help you plan your next steps. Your Future Festival is a partnership event with Welsh Government.


Options at 16

Access information about your career options after your GCSE's. 

Options at 18

Find out the career options you have after you leave school or college.

How to make good career decisions

The decision you make now can affect your future career path. Make a choice that will help you achieve your career goals.