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Careers Wales launches brand new website

Careers Wales Homepage displaying on Desktop and mobile

From 31 January, customers across Wales have access to Careers Wales’ brand-new website. 

With updated content throughout the site, a new look and feel, and improved navigation, we listened to exactly what our customers wanted – a mobile friendly, easy to navigate website. 

Designed to work across all devices including mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop, our customers can now visit the website while on the go, no matter where they are. 

The brand-new site can help you to plan the next stage of your career with a range of fun tools and games including the Buzz Quiz where you can find out more about your personality type and which jobs you would be suited to. 

As the site continues to develop, new features will continue to be added including information on current and future job trends, sector information and a range of new tools to help inform your career choices.

It will soon also feature a section of the website dedicated to users with additional learning needs, with a whole host of information and resources.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new website, please email  to let us know your opinions. 

The old Careers Wales website ( has now been switched off. Visit Careers Wales website changes for more information on how the changes may affect you. 


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