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Changes to Careers Professionals administration

From 27 January 2020 access to the administration section of the Careers Professional pages is changing.

Will my log in details be changed?

As an allocated Careers Professional your username and password to access this section will remain the same. 

What administration areas will I still have access to?

You will still have access to the following sections through Administration:

What administration areas will no longer be available?

Following consultation with schools, access to the following sections will no longer be available:

  • Year 9 Options
  • Free Choice Survey and Free Choice Survey Admin
  • Post 16 Options
  • CAP
  • Learning Pathway Plan
  • Skills Cloud
  • Provider Information and Provider Content Admin
  • KS4 Option Programmes Administration
  • Post 16 Partnership Offers
  • Assign Learners to Programmes
  • Assign Learners to Professionals
  • My Learners
  • 14-19 Networks

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