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Careers Wales wins CDI’s ‘careers adviser of the year’ award

Careers Adviser Christine standing next to Working Wales banner

Careers adviser, Christine Baker, was crowned ‘careers adviser of the year’ by the Careers Development Institute (CDI) at a glittering awards ceremony in Leeds last week.

The adviser of the year award is given to individuals who demonstrate an outstanding level of effort and achievement for their work in career development, and Christine’s tremendous work in helping rehabilitate offenders has enabled her to achieve this worthy title.

Working for Careers Wales for 25 years, Christine has spent the majority of her career working on the prison programme, helping individuals facing release into sustainable employment opportunities.

With services offered within prisons for more than 15 years, Careers Wales saw 839 inmates during 2018/19. Between 1 April up until 31 December 2019 almost 10 per cent more have been seen under our new Working Wales advice service.

To find out more about the support Careers Wales provides offenders and ex-offenders through the Working Wales employment advice service, visit Working Wales.

Read more about the work Christine does and how she has supported customers.