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Brighter Futures

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We are proud to introduce our new vision, which has been developed with our staff, customers and partners as a statement of our collective ambition to deliver a brighter future for the people of Wales.

On a national and international scale, the recovery from the pandemic recession requires fundamental shifts in outlooks and attitudes to work and skills. Our vision sets out the vital role that our bilingual, all-age, independent and impartial careers support service will have in supporting the nation’s economic recovery, underpinned by our belief that in these difficult times, we must focus on a brighter future.

We are uniquely placed to support the people of Wales in delivering a world class, sector leading national careers service. We will ensure that as we build a brighter future for individuals in Wales, no-one is left behind.

Our vision

We want to create brighter futures for the people of Wales."

Our purpose

We want to:

  • Support young people and adults in Wales to create brighter futures
  • Give young people and adults access to high quality, impartial careers support
  • Make a positive impact on individuals' education, economic and wellbeing outcomes

Our values

Careers Wales will:

  • Put the needs of the customer at the heart of what we do
  • Collaborate with others to achieve shared goals
  • Be innovative, technology-enabled and insight-led

Our principles

We are:

  • Impartial - Acting as an honest broker supporting career choices and decisions
  • Personalised - Ensuring our blended careers support service is specifically tailored to individuals' needs
  • Inclusive - Committed to achieving inclusion, fairness and diversity

How will we achieve our vision?

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Keeping people switched on to learning
  • Encouraging people not to close down opportunities too early
  • Broadening horizons and challenging inaccurate assumptions
  • Creating relevant experiences and exposure to the world of work
  • Contributing to improved education, economic and social outcomes

View the full report and easy read version

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