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Plan your Career

Planning your career can seem a scary process. But it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at the options available to support you with your career planning journey.


Options at 16

Access information about your career options after your GCSE's. 

Options at 18

Find out the career options you have after you leave school or college.

Options for career changers

Read our 8 steps to changing career. Learn how thinking of pros and cons and brushing up on your job search skills can help.

Options after redundancy

Learn about redundancy support available in Wales including ReAct+ funding, and how to handle redundancy.

Options for graduates

Learn about your career options after passing your degree. Options include earning money straightaway, continuing your studies or taking a break.

Discover your strengths and the jobs that match them

Skills and strengths

Discover your skills and strengths and match them to the skills and strengths employers want. Find ways to improve your skills and more.

Buzz Quiz

Take the quiz to find out your personality type and what jobs might suit you.

Help with making decisions

Decision-making games

Play our decision-making games to find out more about your decision-making style, and improve your decision-making skills.

Explore your career ideas

Think about subjects, courses and training

Find out about qualifications

Understand qualification levels and why they matter. Learn about qualifications, including NVQs, GCSEs, BTECs, A levels, degrees and HNDs.

Prepare for a job

How to get experience

Employers value experience. Find out how to get it including through work experience, volunteering and internships.

Build a CV

Make your CV the best it can be. Find out what to include in your CV, view example CVs, and download our Guide to CV writing.    

Interview techniques

Find out how to do a good interview using the STAR technique, get interview advice and preparation tips.  

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