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Welsh Government

About us

Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa Ltd (CCDG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Welsh Government which was formed on 1 April 2013.

Trading as Gyrfa Cymru Careers Wales, we provide the all age, independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance service for Wales.

Brighter Futures

A vision for all: Get to know how our vision is for all and how we'll ensure no-one is left behind.

Working Wales

Find out more about Working Wales which is delivered by Careers Wales and funded by Welsh Government


Our awards

Learn more about the many awards Careers Wales has achieved.

Our policies

Welsh language

Find out more about how we comply with specific Welsh language standards relating to service delivery, policy making and more.


Read more about how we manage our environmental impact.

Privacy notice

View our privacy notice and find out how we comply with GDPR regulations.


Find out more about how we use cookies to improve the performance of our website.


View our safeguarding policy and find out how Careers Wales recognises its responsibility to safeguard children, young people and adults from harm.

Get in touch with us

Feedback and complaints

Find out more about how we deal with feedback and complaints and about our customer care standards.

Media enquiries

Find out how to get in touch with us about any media enquiries, linking to our website and the use of our logo.


Work for us

Discover what it's like to work for Careers Wales and view our current vacancies.