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Careers Choices Dewis Gyrfa (CCDG) recognises that its wide range of activities and services have both a positive and negative impact on the environment and wish to manage and minimise these wherever possible.

Environmental report

Our environmental strategy is underpinned by Welsh Government legislation and policies. To help us achieve this aim we have implemented the independently audited Green Dragon Environmental Standard. Our overarching principles are detailed within our environmental policy and are implemented and monitored through the use of an environment management system.

How we manage the process

CCDG’s aim is to seek continued improvement in the process by which we manage our environmental impact. We have established two committees which has oversight of the monitoring and reporting requirements within our governance structure. The Green Team is responsible for overseeing the auditing and production of the monitoring data and they report directly to the Senior Management Team. The Well Being of Future Generations Committee has responsibility for setting the strategic direction for the environment and also biodiversity.

Environmental performance

This financial year we have progressed with our estates strategy resulting in the closure and relocation of a number of offices. The environment CO2 data has been collected from the 26 offices that are fully under our control and where we receive invoices directly from the energy supplier. We have included data from the Port Talbot office that closed part way through the year.

Table showing our environmental performance:
  2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Water (Litres) 2,897,000 2,901,000 2,764,000
Business Miles 846,956 789,422 890,964
Electricity khw 922,977 812,168 662,257
Gas khw 1,740,895 1,750,295 1,620,897
Table showing our financial costs in pounds (£):
  2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Gas 29,722 30,325 31,662
Electricity 109,109 101,731 116,086
Water 16,288 16,053 13,913

We exceeded all our targets for last year. We achieved a:

  • 12% decrease in our emissions from 870 tonnes to 765 tonnes
  • Green dragon level 4 for the whole company

Our policy throughout the year was to invest in two owned properties to ensure that they are at maximum efficiency. We have invested in new lighting, energy efficient boilers and water saving devices as well as reviewing our IT infrastructure. We will invest in another two owned properties in the next financial year.

Due to changes within the staffing structure we had a significant increase in business mileage. In the next financial year we are unlikely to achieve a reduction in the total number of business miles travelled or energy usage going forward. Therefore, in next year’s report we will continue to measure total CO2 emissions but our comparators will be based on CO2 emissions per staff member.

To meet our objectives within the requirements of the Well Being of Future Generations Act we are placing a greater emphasis on biodiversity, with each office having a biodiversity plan.


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