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Welsh Government

Media enquiries

For any media enquires please contact

Katie Lloyd and Jemma Gabb at Golley Slater.

  Katie Lloyd 02920786051 / 07805182870          

Jemma Gabb 07816545159 
Please provide full details of your request and your contact information. These enquiries will be sent to an email account which is monitored during UK office hours only.
For media calls outside office hours or at weekends please contact 07799 582755.

If your enquiry is not media related, please view our Contact us page.

Our company logo

Please read our guidelines and best use practices for those of you who wish to download our logos and use them on your site, on print publications, or presentations.

Request permission

Please contact the Careers Wales Marketing Team for permission to use our logos on your materials.

 0800 028 4844

Linking to our website

When using our logo on your website or electronic communications, we kindly request that you place a link from it to our website's homepage:

Positioning and placement

Always place our logo on white or neutral backgrounds, away from clutter and page edges. Please do not position our logo on clashing colours. If it is necessary to use our logo with multi coloured backgrounds, please use our black/inverted logo. When using the black/inverted logo, please do not place on background that are too light, too dark or too cluttered.

Please do not:

  • Rotate the logo or change our colours
  • Resize the logo by expanding or retracting the corners
  • Change or modify our logo by adding drop-shadows, embossing, shading etc

Download our logos

You can choose to download as small, medium or large images. Select which Careers Wales logo you wish to download as zip files:

Careers Wales green on white logo

The Careers Wales logo with green text on a white background (ZIP 341.35KB)

Careers Wales white on black logo

The Careers Wales logo with white text on black background (Zip 276.06KB)

Careers Wales black on grey logo

The Careers Wales logo with black text on grey background (Zip 284.63KB)