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Statutory guidance

Careers and work-related experiences (CWRE) statutory guidance supports schools and settings to plan and implement CWRE.

CWRE is a cross-cutting theme through the Curriculum for Wales (CfW) for learners aged 3 to 16.

CWRE is essential to develop skills for work and life. It enables learners to understand the relationship between their learning and their future.

Statutory guidance includes:

  • Why CWRE is important in schools and settings
  • Contextualising skills through CWRE
  • Contextualising the Areas of Learning and Experience through CWRE
  • Designing CWRE in the curriculum
  • Reviewing CWRE in the curriculum
  • Designing and delivering CWRE provision
  • Evaluating CWRE provision

The guidance sets out who contributes to effective CWRE, including governors, management committees, local authorities, and Careers Wales. It identifies the role of senior leadership as important in ensuring the strategic development of CWRE.

Schools and settings have a responsibility to implement a whole-school approach to CWRE. The guidance highlights the role that Careers Leaders play in empowering ownership of, and commitment to, CWRE.

Guidance suggests that the following play a significant role in effective CWRE:

  • Professional learning to ensure practitioners have appropriate and relevant learning opportunities to help CWRE to become integrated in the curriculum
  • Work-related experiences that include a variety of opportunities that showcase the range of career opportunities within a local, national, and international context
  • Labour market information that will help learners to make informed, effective decisions regarding work, study, and training routes

CWRE statutory guidance will be rolled out within the same timescale as the Curriculum for Wales. Schools and settings can continue working to the Careers and World of Work (2008) Framework.

Find out more information about the CWRE statutory guidance on Hwb.

You will find documents to support the Careers and the World of Work (2008) Framework on Hwb.

CWRE statutory guidance will supersede all documentation from 2026.