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Employer engagement for primary schools

Inviting employers into the classroom enriches the curriculum and brings learning to life.

Why engage with employers?

The benefits of employer engagement include:

  • Helping pupils to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Increasing awareness of career and work opportunities
  • Raising career aspirations
  • Recognising and challenging stereotypes
  • Identifying barriers and ways to overcome them
  • Giving subjects context and making them feel more relevant
  • Helping those who influence children's subject and career decisions (teachers, parents and carers) to understand more about current career paths and opportunities 

What activities or support can employers offer?

Employers can offer:

  • A classroom visit from a role model, either in-person or a video call
  • Workshops or lessons that relate to the world of work
  • Enterprise projects or work-themed activities
  • Pupil visits to workplaces where they can meet people doing their jobs
  • Support to deliver extracurricular activities, such as Code Club

Ideas to help get started with employer engagement.

Identifying and recruiting employers

Schools can find employers who are willing to support their pupils by approaching:

  • Governors and the PTA
  • Parents and carers
  • Community organisations and local volunteer groups
  • Local businesses, both large and small

There are many ways to make contact with employers. For example, pupils could write to local businesses they encounter on a community walk or an appeal could be made using the school's social media channels for past pupils to join an alumni community.

Preparing for an employer visit to the school

To prepare for an employer visit, schools will need to provide employers with:

  • A teacher’s contact name and details
  • The date of the activity
  • The time to arrive and how long the activity will last
  • The number of students, their age and ability level including any additional learning needs
  • The aims and objectives of the activity
  • Information about the topic or workshop
  • Directions, parking information and where to report on arrival
Hosting an employer visit

To host an employer visit schools will need to provide:

  • A suitable space for activities to take place
  • Staff to support groups of learners
  • Facilities such as a power sockets, laptop, and whiteboard, where required
  • Safeguarding information and risk assessments, where necessary
  • Refreshments