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CareersCraft on Minecraft

CrefftGyrfaoedd mewn byd Minecraft / CareersCraft in a Minecraft world

The CareersCraft world allows players to develop careers skills and awareness as they visit landmarks across Wales.

CareersCraft is played using Minecraft. It is an interactive way for learners to explore careers topics using a platform that is familiar and popular with many people.

The CareersCraft world

Players start in a building called the Museum of Me. From there they can travel by portal or minecart to one of 7 landmarks to complete an activity. Activities take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

Landmarks and activities

6 landmarks are linked to different Areas of the Curriculum for Wales.

At the 7th landmark, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, learners can explore careers in engineering.

The Senedd – Language, Literacy and Communication

Activity length: 60 minutes

Players visit the Senedd, the home of Welsh democracy. They speak to different characters about the skills and experiences that are needed for their role.

Learners are encouraged to reflect on their own skills - creativity, being a team-player, problem solving and using the Welsh language. They make notes about how they could fit the role of Wales’s first ‘Minister for Minecraft’ and can create an application.

Tenby - Health and Well-being

Activity length: 30 minutes

Players explore the historic town of Tenby, famous for its beaches and outdoor lifestyle. They go on a special minecart journey during which they are asked questions to find out more about themselves.

Learners think about their preferences and interests. They consider how these link to learning and possible future careers. At the end of their journey, they are given more information about their strengths and personality traits.

Cardiff Coal Exchange – Maths and Numeracy

Activity length: 30 minutes

Players visit what was once the centre of the world’s coal trade. It is where the first £1 million cheque was signed. Their challenge is to turn coal into gold. They speak to different traders and trade the items they have.

Learners use maths and numeracy skills to work out the best trades and exchanges. This challenge may be more suitable for those aged 11 and over.

Wales Millennium Centre – Expressive Arts

Activity length: 60 minutes

Players explore the theatre and discover the different types of careers that exist in the creative industries. They find out about roles like actor, scriptwriter, set designer and marketing.

When learners know more about the different roles, they build their own set. They can take inspiration from a favourite film, book or show or use their own imagination.

Big Pit – Science and Technology

Activity length: 30 minutes

Players must dig to find the underground labs and rescue two characters at Big Pit mining museum in the world heritage site of Blaenavon.

Learners will meet characters who have important careers in science and technology. They will find out more about their roles and the type of work that they do.

Caernarfon Castle - Humanities

Activity length: 45 minutes

Players travel to medieval times and talk to the characters at Caernarfon Castle about their roles.

Learners note as many jobs as they can. They must consider if the roles still exist today and what their modern-day equivalents are. Learners are encouraged to consider how and why the world of work changes. Learners then plan an Eisteddfod festival at the castle and think about what types of jobs and skills would be needed.

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - Careers in engineering

Activity length: 60 minutes

Players are challenged to repair a leak in this famous structure.

Learners find out how civil engineering projects are managed. They then consider which types of engineering jobs would be helpful for this project. They also explore roles in other engineering disciplines and consider whether they match their own skills and interests.

Finding and playing CareersCraft

Visit the CareersCraft page on Minecraft Education to:

  • Find out more about Minecraft Education
  • Download the CareersCraft world
  • Get lesson plans and pupil workbooks

In schools

To use Minecraft in schools you will need to have, or install, Minecraft: Education Edition on a device.

Welsh Government has made Minecraft: Education Edition available to all schools and learners in Wales.

When you have Minecraft: Education Edition installed on a device, you will be able to download CareersCraft.

At home

CareersCraft is available for all existing Minecraft users. If you already play Minecraft on a games console or computer you can download CareersCraft from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Images from CareersCraft

CareersCraft: Tenby in a Minecraft world

Tenby in CareersCraft on Minecraft 

CareersCraft: Caernarfon Castle in a Minecraft world

Caernarfon Castle in CareersCraft on Minecraft