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Our strategic vision

Changing Lives - A vision for Careers Wales 2017-2020.

We are delighted to share this Strategic Vision for the future of Careers Wales. Our vision demonstrates how we wish to support the Welsh Government’s aim of securing a more prosperous, healthy and ambitious Wales.

In an increasingly complex world, career paths are not straightforward and the future workforce will need to be adaptable and resilient. Careers Wales will respond to the challenges we face by inspiring and motivating people to understand a changing labour market and develop the skills they need to compete for jobs.

This vision has been informed by feedback from young people and stakeholders to create engaging, relevant and accessible services that meet their needs. The vision also takes into account the independent strategic review of Careers Wales undertaken by consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which involved analysis of international evidence and extensive consultation (“Strategic Review of Careers Wales”, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2016).

In creating this vision we have:

  • Taken into account feedback from stakeholders who stated an overall preference for Careers Wales to put the main focus of its core contract on providing support to young people

  • Developed a new model for delivering services “The Careers Discovery Model” which will see the continued development of Digital services, including the Careers Wales website and input from employers blended with face to face support from our professionally qualified careers advisers

  • Sought to focus on delivering services focused on achieving key outcomes linked to:
    • Improving the efficiency of the labour market by reducing skills mismatches;
    • Increasing participation and attainment in education and training and reducing the number of young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET);
    • Reducing drop out and churn within post 16 education and training;
    • Increasing the take up of apprenticeships;
    • Helping other agencies target resources efficiently;
    • Supporting the development of careers and work related elements of the new curriculum

Our focus

“Changing Lives” heralds a new era for Careers Wales in which we will be focusing on addressing key issues that are priorities for our customers, employers, local authorities, schools and colleges and other stakeholders across Wales. These include the following:

  • Services to young people in education will be strengthened with more Careers Advisers working with pupils offering a blend of digital and face to face services. This will include contact via text, phone and email, campaigns and events, contact with employers, and workshops tailored to meet young people’s needs;
  • Our staff will work with schools and colleges to support education business links through a new employer engagement database;
  • We will seek to support the development of careers and work related education through our specialist curriculum team;
  • We will work with Local Authorities and the Regional Skills Partnerships to raise young people’s awareness of the skills requirements in your region


We will be arranging a programme of engagement activities in order to test our ideas and understand requirements. A key priority is that all our customers, stakeholders and partners understand what to expect from Careers Wales and have an opportunity to input into developing and evaluating services. Collaboration and partnership are also a priority for Careers Wales and we will seek to work with partners on a national and regional basis to offer support and collaborate where this will add value.

If you have any feedback on the vision we would welcome your comments. Please email us at


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