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Working Wales

Working Wales is delivered by Careers Wales and funded by the Welsh Government.

Working Wales knows how challenging it is to find a job, but our advisers are here to help. Whatever is stopping you from getting a job our advisers know that you need advice and guidance that is specific to you.

There are different reasons why finding work can be a challenge. You may have:

  • A health problem or disability that will require further support in a job
  • Been out of work some time and need help with confidence and getting the right skills
  • Been made redundant and now need to consider other options and a change in focus
  • Childcare concerns before you can find a job
  • Uncertainties about what your options are and what you really want to do next

It might even be that you simply don’t know where to start or what to do next. Working Wales can help so get in touch with Working Wales and change your story. (This link will take you to an external site)

Change your story. Search Working Wales

Everyone has a story and you might feel you can't change yours. But you've got options at Working Wales.

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