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Welsh Government

Careers City

Careers City helps learners in primary settings begin to explore the world of work and careers.

It helps teachers to embed careers and work-related experiences (CWRE) in their curriculum.

The resource

Careers City is for primary learners in years 5 to 6. It is made up of the Careers City map and 12 animated videos.

It aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the wide range of careers available
  • Broaden horizons and raise aspirations
  • Challenge preconceived ideas about the world of work
  • Make links between interests, skills and subjects and possible future career choices

The Careers City resource, other supporting classroom materials, and notes for teachers are available on Hwb.

The map

The buildings and features on the Careers City map represent different sectors or employment.

Learners can use the interactive map, or scan QR codes on a printed map, to watch an animation about an unusual job in that sector.

The Welsh Government and local authorities consider some as priority sectors. This is because they are growing or employ a lot of people. Each of the buildings featured represent a priority sector.

You can use the map to prompt discussion. Learners can think about jobs they are aware of, those that people do in their local area, and further afield.

The animations

There are 12 animations, each one lasts between 60 and 90 seconds. They show an unusual job in each industry and were chosen to encourage discussion.

Each animation has a similar format. Learners will get an idea of what the job involves. They will also find out about interests, skills or qualities that would be useful to do that job. It will also tell them what subjects they might need to be good at, or study, to do that type of job.

The animations feature the following sectors and jobs:

  • Agriculture - Pet Psychologist
  • Construction - Rope Access Worker
  • Creative Arts, Media and Culture - Teddy Bear Repair Technician
  • Digital Technology - AI Whisperer
  • Education - Art Therapist
  • Energy, Water and Waste - Glaciologist
  • Finance, Insurance and Legal - Financial Crime Inspector
  • Health - Genetic Technologist
  • Manufacturing - Protein Expression Scientist
  • Public Services - Police Drone Pilot
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Sport and Leisure - Bungee Jump Instructor
  • Transport and Storage - Yacht Broker

Watch one of the animations


Find out what a glaciologist does, their interests, skills and subjects they might have studied.

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Other resources linked to industries

You could use Future Jobs Wales with your class to find out more about some of Wales' most important industries.