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Stay in school

Staying on in school could be an option for you. In some schools students can stay on until they are 19 years old.

Stay on in the same school

If you stay in the same school:

  • You know the Teachers and school staff well, and they know you. They can help and support you to prepare for your life after school
  • You will carry on with some lessons that you do now but you might be able to try new ones as well
  • You might be able to do visits or work tasters to help you think about the future

Move to another school

If you want to move to another school you will need to speak to your:

  • Parents / Carers
  • Teachers

They can tell you if moving to another school is possible and what must be done for this to happen.

How much will I get paid?

If you are 16-18 years old you may get Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA). This is up to £30 a week.
Talk to the school to find out more or visit Student Finance Wales to know more.

Who can help me find out more?

There are lots of other people who can help you plan your future. You can talk to your:

Graphic of Teacher

Teachers in school - they can tell you more about what you could do if you stayed on

Graphic of young man

Parents / carers - talk to them about your ideas. They can help you think about things you might not have thought of

Graphic of a Careers Adviser

Career Adviser - they can talk to you about all your options and help you work out what’s best for you

Graphic of student

Other students - you can talk to students who have stayed on in school and ask them to tell you what it’s like

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