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My Future

Here you'll find easy to read careers information to help you plan your future.

What am I like?

Find out what you are like as a person, what you're good at doing and why knowing this is useful.

Find out about your options

Find out about the different options open to you when you reach 16 years old.

Get help with making decisions

Find out what you should think about to help you make decisions about your future.

Looking for work

Find out how to find and apply for a job, get help with CVs and application forms and know your rights at work.

Living independently

Find out where you could live as an adult and what things you could be doing during your day.

Who can help me?

Find out the people and organisations that can help you plan your future.

Support for parents and carers

Find out how Careers Wales can support you and your child with their next steps after leaving school.

My Future on YouTube

Watch all of the videos from this section of the site on YouTube. This link will take you to YouTube.