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Volunteering means that you get the chance to help others. You do not get paid for volunteering but you do get a lot of skills and experiences.

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From School to Volunteering

Watch the video to find out what some young people think about volunteering.

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What can I volunteer to do?

Volunteering is work you do without being paid. You can volunteer for just a few hours a week. There are lots of different ways you can volunteer. You might:

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Help old people with their shopping

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Garden in a local community

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Walk dogs

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Work in a charity shop

Why volunteer?

You may want to volunteer to:

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Meet new people and build your confidence

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Learn new skills to help you if you want to apply for work

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Make a difference in your local area

How can I find out more?

You could:

  • Talk to your parents and carers
  • Speak to your Careers Adviser, Teachers and other people who support you
  • Use websites to find out how to volunteer in your area (view the websites below)

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