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My rights at work

If you start a new job you have rights in your new place of work. This is to make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

The hours you work

There are some rules around how many hours a week most people can work:

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You should not work more than 48 hours a week (40 hours if you are under 18 years old)

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You are entitled to have one day off a week

Icon of a stopwatch with 20 mins

You should have a 20 minute break if you work more than 6 hours or more at one time

If you are under 18 and work you are allowed to take a break for 30 minutes for working more than 4.5 hours at one time.

The money you get for working - minimum wage

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Most workers are paid a certain amount of money for each hour that they work. This is called a wage.

A minimum wage is the lowest wage per hour that a worker may be paid. Find out more about the minimum wage

Taking time off work - holidays

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Most workers can have 4 weeks of holidays in a year. You are still paid for taking these weeks off

Icon of a Christmas bauble

In some jobs your boss will tell you when you can take time off. Some factories close over Christmas so their workers take this as their holidays

Safety at work

It is an employer's duty to make sure the workplace is safe. They do this by making sure:

Icon of a first aid box

They have a person who has done first aid training and have a first aid kit in the workplace

Icon of a hard helmet

Staff have the correct clothing or tools if they are using machines which can be dangerous

Icon of a box on a trolley

Staff know how to carry heavy items correctly

Icon of a fire extinguisher

Staff know the fire safety rules and how to report an accident at work

Being treated unfairly in work - discrimination

Employers must make sure that all their staff are treated fairly. If you think someone is treating you unfairly you should tell the employer.

Icon of person in wheelchair

Discrimination means a person is treated differently to other people because of things like age, colour, gender or disability

Icon of headphones

If needed, your employer should change parts of your job to make sure you’re able to do them

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