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Stop - Don't drop

Person in high visability jacket, helmet and ear defenders with the text Stop! Don't Drop. Get in touch so we can discuss your options

Have you recently started college or sixth form and now wondering if you've made the right decision? Stop. Don't Drop.

Don't rush into a decision you might later regret. Give yourself time to consider the situation and how you're feeling.

Take your time

You should take your time to:

  • Understand why you're having doubts. Is it the college / school environment or the course?
  • Reflect on how attending the course makes you feel. Are you unhappy or just bored with the course?
  • Consider the consequences of leaving a course. Would leaving the course affect your career goal?

Careers Wales can help

Our Careers Advisers can:

  • Speak with you about the options available
  • Listen to your concerns and help you with what to do next
  • Offer you support, advice and guidance
Thinking of leaving a course? Three key questions to ask

Take a look at the most common reasons people have doubts about their course and get advice on what to do.

Questions you may have after starting a new course

Get help and advice to navigate through the start of a new course, dealing with nerves and pressures, finances, and planning your time.

7 ways to make the most of college and sixth form

Learn how you can improve your CV, your applications and your employability during your time in college and sixth form.

Contact Us

Get in touch for careers advice and support.

Watch the video

Stop. Don't Drop Careers Adviser video

Watch the video for advice and support from our Careers Advisers.

View Stop. Don't Drop transcript (Word 15KB, this file will download to your device)

Real life stories

Exam results stories

View case studies and explore the options taken by different learners.

Support for parents

Supporting your child in college or sixth form

Our 5 top tips to supporting your child in college or sixth form.

Supporting your child if they want to leave college

Take a look at our top 3 tips to support your child if they are thinking of leaving college.

Supporting your child to make career decisions

Your child will make important decisions about their future throughout their years in education. We can support you and your child in making the right decisions to help them achieve their career ambitions.

Explore your career ideas

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