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Valued Partner Awards

The Valued Partner Awards is a way for Careers Wales to recognise and thank the businesses that have worked with us.

We celebrate the work employers have done to help schools and young people to engage with the world of work. Partnerships between businesses and schools provide young people with inspiration and motivation. Valuable work-related knowledge and experiences help young people link what they learn in school and the world of work.

Valued Partner Award Winners 2022


Most Supportive Work Experience Employer

Winner - Scooby’s Autos

The shortlisted businesses were:

  • Blas Lon Las
  • Paddlewest
  • Pure Homes
  • Scooby’s Autos
  • Spa Motors

Nominations demonstrated how the business had done one or more of the following:

  • Offered tailored work experience to one or more young people
  • Went above and beyond in their support for a young person facing challenges or barriers to engaging
  • Had a well thought out programme of activities designed to support the learner in their placement
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Most Innovative Support for Schools

Winner - Viridor

The shortlisted businesses were:

  • BBC Studios
  • Celtic Collection
  • Litegreen
  • Screen Alliance Wales
  • Viridor

Nominations demonstrated how the business has contributed to one or more of the following:

  • Been creative with the use of technology to engage with schools
  • Supported schools with innovative activities, workshops, or challenges
  • Tried new ideas
  • Supported young people at risk of disengaging or young people with additional learning needs
  • Raised awareness of ‘green’ issues
  • Challenged gender stereotypes in careers
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Most Supportive Small Business

Winner - Litegreen

The shortlisted businesses were:

  • Barcud
  • Calon FM
  • Geek Retreat
  • Litegreen
  • Ponthir Tyre Services

This award is for a business employing fewer than ten people.

Nominations demonstrated how the business:

  • Actively promoted their relationship with Careers Wales and one or more schools
  • Supported a range of different school activities
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Outstanding Personal Contribution

Winner - Jacqui Gower, JCP Solicitors

The shortlist was:

  • Annie O’Reilly, West Glam Regional Social Care Partnership
  • Chris Hooper, Greater Gwent Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Partnership
  • Edward Morgan, Castell Howell Foods
  • Jacqui Gower, JCP Solicitors
  • Robyn Marshall, Willmott Dixon

Nominations demonstrated how this person had done one or more of the following:

  • Displayed exceptional commitment to supporting activities in schools
  • Shown a willingness to try new ideas
  • Encouraged others from their organisation to take part
  • Actively promoted their relationship with Careers Wales and a school or schools
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Best Ongoing Relationship with a School

Winner - Future Valleys Construction

The shortlisted businesses were:

  • Aber Instruments
  • Arup
  • Bluestone
  • Caerphilly County Borough Council
  • Future Valleys Construction

Nominations demonstrated evidence of a strong relationship with one particular school over the last two years that could include the:

  • Number of activities supported in the school
  • Range of activities supported in the school
  • Working relationships with school staff
  • Promotion of relationships with the school
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Best Newcomer

Winner - Charles Owen

The shortlisted businesses were:

  • Alun Griffiths (Pembs)
  • Awesome Wales
  • Brenig Construction
  • Charles Owen
  • William Hare

Nominations demonstrated how the business:

  • Started working with Careers Wales to support schools over the last year
  • Actively promoted the relationship between Careers Wales and one or more schools
  • Supported one or more activities
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The 2022 awards ceremony

Huw Stephens, presenter and DJ, announced the winners live at our awards ceremony on 8 November at the Parkgate Hotel in Cardiff.

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