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Working with schools

Employers play a vital role in helping young people learn about the world of work.

Why connect with schools?

How employers benefit

Working with schools can help employers to:

  • Raise awareness of their business or sector
  • Provide insights and inspiration to influence potential future employees
  • Network with other businesses
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff
  • Support the achievement of community goals
How learners benefit

Meeting employers can bring a subject to life and provide a better understanding of how that subject is used in the workplace.

Employer activities can help learners to:

  • Develop awareness, confidence and employability skills
  • Aim high and embrace lifelong learning
  • Recognise opportunities open to them
  • Understand the importance of resilience and flexibility
  • Be aware of the value of Welsh language skills
The new Curriculum for Wales

There is a new Curriculum for Wales for all learners aged 3 to 16. The new curriculum started in September 2022. It will be used for all secondary school pupils by the 2026/27 academic year.

Schools must include careers and work-related experiences across the new curriculum. Activities with employers are one of the ways schools can provide these learning opportunities for their learners.

Information for businesses about how education is changing is available on the Welsh Government website.

Employer case studies

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Find out how Castell Howell Foods have been supporting learners to find out about the world of work.

Colette Affaya's story

Find out how Colette's passion for inspiring young people led to a Valued Partner Award for Outstanding Personal Contribution.

Cottage Coppicing's story

Discover how Lisa helped a young person to develop confidence and skills in woodwork with invaluable work experience at her workshop.

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