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Employment Support

Find out about support to help you into work if you are disabled or have a health condition.

Access to Work

Access to Work can offer you financial and practical support. The support will be based on your needs, for example a grant to help you get to and from work.

Through Access to Work you can also apply to get money for communication support at a job interview.

To get support, you must:

  • Have a disability or health condition (physical or mental) that makes it hard for you to do parts of your job
  • Be over 16 years old
  • Live in Wales, England, or Scotland
  • Have a paid job or be about to start or return to one

For up to date information and further details view Access to Work on  

Supported Employment

Supported employment agencies work with people to help them:

  • Find work
  • Learn the skills needed to do a job
  • Settle into a new job
  • Learn how to travel to work

There are a few Supported Employment organisations across Wales:

Inclusive Apprenticeships

The Welsh Government’s Inclusive Apprenticeships – Disability Action Plan aims to remove barriers for disabled people who wish to do an apprenticeship.

For further details view Inclusive Apprenticeships – Disability Action Plan on

Search for support

If you're looking for help to find work or want to gain more skills use our Support Finder tool.

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