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What am I like?

To help you think about what you'd like to do in the future, it's useful to know what type of person you are now.

What type of person are you?

Are you:

Speech bubble icon

Chatty and like to talk to a lot of people

Smiley face icon

Funny and like to make people laugh

Icon of 2  people

Quiet and prefer to speak to close friends and family

Heart shaped icon

Helpful and always want to help others

What you like to do?

Do you like to:

Icon of a football

Watch or play sports

Computer game controller

Play the latest video games

Play music button icon

Listen to music

Icon of three people

Spend time with family and friends

What you are good at doing?

Are you good at:

Square speech bubble icon

Communicating- speaking and listening to other people

Computer screen icon

Information Technology (IT) - using a computer and technology

Icon of 3 people next to each other

Team work - working as part of a team of people

Pens and paintbrush in a pot

Drawing - being creative and thinking of new ideas

What would you like to be better at doing?

Would you like to:

Graphic of computer mouse

Learn more about using a computer

Icon of 2 people with hands out

Work better as part of a team

Science beaker

Find out more about a subject in school

Speech marks

Feel confident in speaking to new people

Your skills

Knowing what you are like will help you know the skills you have. This will help you in the future when you apply for college or work. Look at:

Skills and what they mean

Knowing what skills you have will help you in the future. Take a look at some skills and find out what they mean.

Who needs to know what you are like?

There are lots of people who might want to know more about you so that they can help you. Look at:

Watch the videos

Skills employers want

Watch the video and find out the skills employers want.

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My 16 year old self

Watch the video to find out what advice employers and employees would give to their 16 year old self.

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