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Be a trainee

If you want to get a job but need to learn more about work, you may be able to  do a Traineeship. You need to have left school and be between 16 and 18 years old.

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From School to Training

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What is a Traineeship?

Doing a traineeship is sometimes called work-based learning. There are different levels of traineeships. You could do:


A lot of young people leaving school start with this. This is for people who:

Icon of a question mark

Aren’t sure what type of work they want to do

Icon of speech bubbles

Need to work on their skills before going into a job

Level 1

You can go straight onto level 1. This is for people who:

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Know what type of work they want to do

Icon of the number one

 Are able to work at level 1

What can I do on a Traineeship?

On a traineeship you could:

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Try out different types of work to find out what you are suited to

Icon of calculator and speech bubble

Carry on with Maths and English

Icon of a certificate

Work towards qualifications

Icon of car with spanner

Learn new skills

How much time will I spend on a Traineeship?

  • On Engagement you would do between 12 and 30 hours each week
  • For Level 1 you would do 30-40 hours each week

How much will I get paid?

  • On Engagement you will get £30 per week if you work 30 hours. If you work fewer hours you would get paid less
  • On Level 1 you would get £50 per week
  • You can claim money back for any travel costs over £3 per week on Engagement and £5 per week on Level 1

Will I get support on a Traineeship?

Before you go into Engagement you would meet with a Careers Adviser who would talk to you about the type of support you need.

How can I find out more about going on a Traineeship?

  • Talk to your Careers Adviser
  • Look at training provider websites
  • Visit training providers

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