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Go to a specialist college

Sometimes a local college cannot offer you the support you need. If that happens you might be able to apply to a specialist college.

What would I do in a specialist college?

At a specialist college you might:

Icon of house

Stay at the college in the week or during term time

Icon of a bowl and whisk

Learn new skills

Icon of a shower

Learn to look after yourself

Icon of a bus

Get to know how to use public transport like buses, trains and taxis

How much time will I spend in a specialist college?

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You could be a day student and go to college for 4 – 5 days a week

Icon of a bed

You could live at the college

Icon of calendar with 2 in it

Most courses last for 2 years

How do I find out more about a specialist college?

Graphic of young man

Talk to your parents or carers 

Graphic of a Careers Adviser

Talk to your Career Adviser. They can tell you about these colleges and who can help you

Graphic of social worker

Talk to your Social Worker 

Icon of desktop screen with magnifying glass

Find different specialist colleges by looking at the Natspec website

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