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Writing a job application

To apply for a job, you might need to fill in an application form and send to the employer. You might do this on paper or fill in the application online on their website.

How do I get an application form?

When you have found the job you want to apply for, you should ask the employer for an application form. They will either send you one in the post or you can download one from their website. You might be asked to complete an application form online too.

What do I write on an application form?

You will be asked for:

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Your name, address and contact details like your phone number or email address

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What school and college you went to

Icon of certificate

The qualifications and certificates you have

You will also be asked about your experience of work such as:

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Work experience you have done in school or college

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Any part time or holiday work you have done

Icon of shopping basket

Any volunteering you might have done

Icon of a plant pot

Experience you might have helping others

An employer might want to know why you are applying for the job. You should include information that will tell them that you are the right person for the job. Tell them about:

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Your skills – what you are good at doing, for example, communication, working with other people

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Your qualities – what you are like as a person, for example kind, hard-working and helpful

What is a reference?

An application form will ask you to write down the name and contact details of a referee. This is a person the employer can talk to and find out more about you.

You cannot include your parents or friends as references.

Think of someone who knows you well and knows what skills and qualities you have. This can be a:

  • Teacher or Tutor
  • Employer (from another job, work experience or volunteering placement)
  • Social Worker
  • Youth Club Leader
  • Sports Coach

You should only apply for one job at a time?

No, you can apply for lots of jobs at the same time.


This gives you the best change of getting an interview.

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