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What is clearing?

If your results haven’t quite gone as planned or if you don’t yet hold any offers from a university or college, then Clearing may be for you! 

Clearing is the process run by UCAS that matches undergraduate applicants without any offers, to university places yet to be filled. 

More than 73,000 students were accepted through Clearing last year, the highest number ever"

UCAS, 2019

Clearing runs from 6 July to 20 October. 

You can apply through clearing if: 

  • You are not holding any offers from the universities or colleges you have applied to
  • You did not meet the conditions of your offers
  • You've declined your firm place
  • You are applying after 30 June 

How do I use Clearing? 

Finding out you haven’t got into your firm university choice can be very stressful.  We can help you prepare just in case things don’t go quite as planned: 

  • Check your UCAS TRACK status - If you have applied to university and have been entered into Clearing you will automatically know from your UCAS TRACK application status, and given a Clearing number. 
  • Apply to UCAS - If you haven’t already applied, you need to register with UCAS and apply
  • Search for university courses that have clearing vacancies and make the clearing call yourself - You will need to ring universities yourself to find out about course vacancies and if they would accept you. You can get informal offers over the phone and then decide.  Find a quiet place to ring. 

Go to UCAS What is Clearing? for all the details and how to apply.

Top tips to be prepared for Clearing: 

  1. Speak to an adviser Contact us
  2. Speak to your teachers and tutors. They have experience of the Clearing process and can advise you on your next steps
  3. Check out UCAS What is Clearing? 
  4. Make a note of your UCAS ID or Clearing Number 
  5. Keep your results handy. Calculate your UCAS Tariff points  
  6. Keep a copy of your personal statement handy to refer to
  7. Search for university and college vacancies. Many universities start advertising their vacancies from July
  8.  Some universities offer preregistration for Clearing before you get your results
  9.  Download a Clearing App   
  10.  Search Clearing vacancies websites such as The Complete University Guide: Clearing 
  11. Save Clearing Hotline numbers for the universities you are interested in
  12. Prepare questions you want to ask universities about the courses and vacancies they have
  13. Find a quiet place to make the calls. Have a pen and notepad ready

Don’t panic, try to remain calm.  Clearing is not just about snatching a place on a course at all costs. It is still about choosing where you will spend the next few years of your life.

Remember, universities and colleges want students. Admissions teams will want to help you. 

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