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Learn Welsh

Benefits of learning Welsh

  • It can lead to job opportunities:
    • Jobs advertised in Wales often ask for Welsh as essential or desirable. If you have Welsh language skills and the other candidates trying for a job don't then you're already one step ahead
    • All public sector organisations in Wales have to provide Welsh language services so this makes Welsh-speaking employees an asset to companies
  • Communicate with other Welsh language speakers:
    • Children at school in Wales are learning Welsh, so if you are a parent you can communicate and help your children with their Welsh language studies
    • Many communities in Wales have a strong Welsh speaking tradition, so learning and speaking Welsh can help you within your local community
  • Experience Welsh language TV, radio and literature

Where to learn Welsh

There are many ways to start learning Welsh or improving your Welsh language skills:

Cymraeg yn y Gweithle / Welsh in the workplace

Find out more about the benefits of knowing Welsh in your workplace.

This video is available in Welsh only with English subtitles.


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