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Be an apprentice

Apprenticeships in Wales are jobs that let you work towards a qualification and get paid at the same time.

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From School to Apprenticeship

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Apprenticeship Levels

There are three Apprenticeship levels:

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Foundation Apprenticeship - you would work to a Level 2 qualification (same level as GCSE)

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Apprenticeship - you would work to a Level 3 qualification (same level as A Levels)

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Higher Apprenticeship / Degree Apprenticeship - you would work to a qualification of Level 4 and above. This could be an HNC/HND or a degree

What do I need to do an Apprenticeship?

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You need to be aged 16 or over

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You have to apply for an Apprenticeship like any other job. The employer will say what qualifications and skills you will need to have

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A lot people want to do an Apprenticeship. You will need to have a good CV and application form when you apply

How long does an Apprenticeship last?

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Apprenticeships usually last 2 – 3 years but higher level apprenticeships will take longer

What support will I get on an Apprenticeship?

On an Apprenticeship:

  • If you have a disability you may get support for equipment and transport 
  • If needed, your employer should change parts of your job to make sure you're able to do the job
  • If you are in college as part of your apprenticeship, college can support your learning 

Will I get paid on an Apprenticeship?

There is a national minimum wage for apprentices, but employers might pay more than this. Find out more about national minimum wage on

How can I find an Apprenticeship?

There are three main ways to find an Apprenticeship:

  1. Search for Apprenticeships on Apprenticeship Search
  2. Find employers who offer apprenticeships
  3. Visit employer websites directly
  4. Find out  more about the Welsh Governments Inclusive Apprenticeships - Disability Action Plan for Apprenticeships 2018-2021.