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Writing a CV

To apply for a job some employers will ask you for a CV. 

A CV is a document you write to tell an employer more about you. Employers use CVs as a way of deciding who they will interview for a job.

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Writing a CV

Watch the video to find out what an employer likes to see in a CV.

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What do I write in a CV?

Information about you, such as:

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Your name, address and contact details like your phone number or email address

Information about your skills and experiences:

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Any work experience or volunteering you have done

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Any part time or holiday work you have done

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Experience you might have helping others

Examples of what to include in a CV

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"I would be good at doing this job because I am confident in speaking to new people"

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"I am very good at listening to other people and I can follow instructions well"

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"I am a friendly person who enjoys meeting new people. I would enjoy working with the customers"

Different CVs for different jobs

You may need to change your CV for each job you apply for. This will mean that you can include the information that is most useful for this job.

You should change your CV every time you apply for a job?

If you apply for different types of jobs you can change your CV.


But, if you apply for the same types of jobs you can use the same CV.

What is a reference?

At the end of a CV you will need to write down the name and contact details of a Reference. This is a person the employer can talk to and find out more about you.

Think of someone who knows you well and knows what skills and qualities you have. This can be a:

  • Teacher or Tutor
  • Employer (from another job or work experience and volunteering placement)
  • Social Worker
  • Youth Club Leader
  • Sports Coach
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Writing a covering letter with your CV

A covering letter tells the employer why you are sending them a CV and a little bit about yourself.

If you are sending your CV on email to an employer, this letter can be written in the email. In the email you need to include:

  • Your name
  • The job you are applying for
  • Some of your skills
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Things to think about before sending your CV

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Save your CV on a computer. This means you can change your CV when you want to apply for different jobs

ABC letters and tick

Check for spelling mistakes. Ask a Teacher/Tutor or family member to check it for you

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Keep the CV clean. Don’t spill a drink on it or tear it

Watch the video

Welsh in the Workplace

Watch the video to find out about Welsh in the workplace and how it is seen as a key skill.
Please note: This video is in Welsh only with English captions.

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