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Helping your child plan their future

You will be a big influence on your child's choices for the future.

Here are some of the ways that you can help

  • Discuss their future career ideas and encourage them to think about all the options available
  • Encourage them to develop their skills through education, hobbies, interests, work experience and part-time jobs
  • Encourage them to make full use of the help available to them in school, college and from Careers Wales
  • Make sure your knowledge is up to date. Use to find out about the job market, skills employers are looking for and employment trends
  • Encourage them to use the My Future section of the website to help them find out more for themselves
  • Encourage them to explore careers and options related videos on the My Future YouTube channel
  • Prepare for, and attend, transition planning review meetings
  • Support them to visit colleges or other provision that they may go on to from school. Letting them see different places will help them to decide
  • Talk to the Careers Adviser if you want any more information
  • Attend Careers Wales events or transition events put on at school

If you are still unsure and would like to talk to us, contact us for more help and support.

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