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Degree Apprenticeships

What are degree apprenticeships?

Degree apprenticeships work differently across the UK. This page covers degree apprenticeships in Wales.

Degree apprenticeships in Wales provide the opportunity to combine working with part-time study at university. The employer covers the cost of the apprentice’s wages and Welsh Government fully funds the tuition fees.

The apprenticeships run for the duration of the degree course with apprentices spending part of their time at university and the rest with their employer.

How do they work?

Employers in Wales can offer a degree apprenticeship through a partnership with a university in Wales.

A degree apprenticeship will last at least three years and usually up to a maximum of five years. They are employed and paid a salary for the duration of the course.

Degree apprentices work alongside experienced employees to gain practical skills and experience while receiving external training.

What are the benefits for degree apprentices?

Degree apprentices:

  • Are employed
  • Are paid a salary
  • Do not pay course fees
  • Learn from work colleagues and teaching staff
  • Can immediately apply their learning
  • Develop valuable knowledge, experience and skills

What are the benefits for employers?

Degree apprenticeships are flexible – they can be designed around the needs of the employer.

Benefits to employers can be to:

  • Fill skills gaps
  • Discover new talent
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Help with business growth

Businesses of any size in Wales can take on degree apprentices. Employers can find out more and register their interest on the Business Wales website.

Who can apply?

Applicants need to:

  • Meet the university entry requirements for the degree apprenticeship
  • Be working in Wales for 51% or more of their time
  • Be recruited to, or in a job role appropriate to, the apprenticeship

For more information on applying for a degree apprenticeship contact us at Careers Wales or contact the universities directly.

Degree apprenticeships available in Wales

Employers in Wales can offer a degree apprenticeship in IT, engineering or advanced manufacturing through a partnership with a university in Wales.

Visit each university's degree apprenticeship page for detailed information on the courses available:

There is a list of degree apprenticeships at universities in Wales on the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales website.

Find other higher level or degree apprenticeships


The University of South Wales has a Network75 programme. This is a combined work placement and part-time study route to a degree. Network75 students have their tuition fees paid in full and receive a bursary.

Employers who offer apprenticeships

Explore our list of employers who offer higher level and degree apprenticeships.

You apply for a degree apprenticeship with an employer in the same way as you would for a normal job. Degree apprenticeship vacancies will include details of how to apply.

England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

Degree apprenticeships work differently across the UK:

  • England – visit the Prospects website to find out more about the types of degree apprenticeships available
  • Scotland – in Scotland degree apprenticeships are called graduate apprenticeships. Visit Apprenticeships.Scot to find out more
  • Northern Ireland – in Northern Ireland degree apprenticeships are called Higher level apprenticeships. Visit nidirect to find out more

You may also find information on the UCAS website.


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