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What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships in Wales are jobs that include recognised qualifications and job-specific skills. You earn a wage while you work and learn.

About Apprenticeships

Get answers to commonly asked questions to help you decide if an apprenticeship is right for you.

What are the Apprenticeship Levels?
  • Foundation Apprenticeship - you would usually gain a Level 2 qualification (equivalent to GCSE A*-C Level) that is relevant to the job
  • Apprenticeship - you would work towards a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A Levels) that is relevant to the job
  • Higher Apprenticeship - you would work towards a higher qualification of Level 4 and above. This could be an HNC/HND or Foundation Degree
  • Degree Apprenticeship - these offer learning at Level 6 and provide the opportunity to gain a full bachelor's degree. They combine working with studying part time at a university or college
Apprenticeship Levels
Apprenticeship LevelEquivalent Educational Level
Foundation Apprenticeship - Level 25 GCSEs / NVQ Level 2
Apprenticeship - Level 32 A Levels / NVQ Level 3
Higher Apprenticeship - Level 4/5HNC / HND / Foundation Degree
Degree Apprenticeship - Level 6Bachelor's Degree

You can also find information about apprenticeships on Welsh Government's Apprenticeships. A Genius Decision.

Where would I train?

This will depend on what you are doing. Your employer will decide how they want you to be trained to do their work. These are some of the ways apprentices are trained:

  • On the job
  • At college which could be full-time or part-time
  • At a training centre which you could attend once a week or in blocks of a few days or weeks
  • At university if you are doing a higher level or degree Apprenticeship

What is certain is that you will have training. Where and how you will train will depend on your course and employer.

You will be given information on this when you go through the application or you could ask for details at your interview.

What types of Apprenticeships are advertised?

There are a wide range of Apprenticeships on offer, and many different employers who offer them:

  • Use Apprenticeship Search to see the vacancies available now. You can look at all vacancies or filter them by type of work or area that you live
  • Take a look at Employers who offer Apprenticeships web links which are listed by the type of Apprenticeship. This will give you an idea of the range of Apprenticeships, and the employers who offer them

If you're not sure what job might suit you then why not:

View a full list of the types of apprenticeships available at Apprenticeship Certification Wales.

What are the entry requirements for an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16, including those with a disability, health condition or learning difficulty. There is no upper age limit.

Almost all apprenticeships can be made accessible and your employer will work with you to ensure you get tailored support to meet your needs so that you can work confidently. For more information visit Apprenticeships for Disabled People on the Working Wales website and Apprenticeships: a guide for disabled learners on the Welsh Government website.

You have to apply for an Apprenticeship like any other job. The employer who advertises the Apprenticeship will state the qualifications, skills and experience they require.

Apprenticeships are such a great opportunity so they can be very competitive. It is very important that you put together a good application or CV.

What will I get paid?

There is a national minimum wage for apprentices but employers may often pay more than this. What you are paid depends on the employer. Find out more about national minimum wage for apprentices on

Where can I find Apprenticeships?

Search and apply for Apprenticeships through Apprenticeship Search. You can look at all the vacancies, not just the ones in your area or just look at the type of jobs you are interested in.

Employers who offer Apprenticeships lists web links of employers who offer apprenticeships. You can visit their websites to:

  • View and apply for any live vacancies they may have
  • Find out when they are next recruiting if they haven’t got live vacancies now
  • Register your interest or submit your CV if they invite you to

Some employers also advertise on social media and online job sites like Find a job and Indeed.

To find degree and higher level apprenticeships visit:

Top tip! If you're interested in an apprenticeship with a specific employer then why not ask them and see what they say?

You can also follow Welsh Government on Facebook and twitter where they regularly post Apprenticeship opportunities.

Contact us on 0800 028 4844 for help and advice.

Search and apply

Case studies

Read some real life success stories on our Working Wales website.

View more apprenticeship case studies at Apprenticeships. A Genius decision.

More information

Find out more about the benefits of apprenticeships and the support available at Apprenticeships: a guide for learners on the Welsh Government website.


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