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Careers professionals

This site is for teachers, tutors and those working in the education sector. Here you'll find useful information to support your careers and the world of work provision.

Getting started - Careers and the world of work

Find useful information and documents to support the planning and development of your careers and world of work programme. 

Employer support for schools

Take a look at how employers can support your careers education programme and the benefits it can bring.

Careers Leadership Certificate

Careers Wales are offering the accredited Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership. Find out more.

Education Business Exchange

Direct access to the database that lists employers who are interested in working with schools.

The Careers Wales Mark

Find out about the Careers Wales Mark, its benefits to your careers programme and the process involved.

Labour Market Information

Get an overview of labour market information, how it can support your students and where to find current LMI.

Careers Wales promotional materials

Find posters, booklets and leaflets for careers professionals and parents to help students plan their careers and find out about the support offered by Careers Wales.

Secondary school teaching resources on HWB

Visit HWB to access our secondary school teaching resources.

Primary school teaching resources on HWB

Direct access to our primary teaching resources on HWB.

Pupil destinations

View pupil destinations by year, schools and local education authority.


Access to user management and manage passwords, secure upload of pupil data, Courses in Wales, work based learning and vacancies administration.