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Finding jobs online

View our 10 great ways to find a company to work for

Online job search engines

The obvious way to find job vacancies is to use online job sites, such as Indeed, Reed, Monster and Find a job, view our job websites page to see more job sites.

But you can also use online job sites to your advantage even if you can’t find jobs to suit you. Take a note of the employer names and details you are interested in. You can then contact them directly with your CV and a covering email/letter explaining your skills and experience. If they are advertising one job, they may have other openings not advertised.

Employers own websites

Many employers still recruit through their own websites. So you need to know how to find them.

Online search engines are a good way to put in an employer and find their website. Big employers such as the NHS and Councils also advertise on their own sites.

Use local online business directories

Online Business Directories are often available on council websites and others are found on separate websites.

Local Online Business Directories can give you lists of companies in your local area, giving you access to their contact details, so that you can approach them to ask for a job.

Start searching on Business Wales Online Directory Listings.

Search for companies through trade organisations, associations, federations or societies

When looking for a specific career in a specific industry, using organisation and trade sites is a great way to find potential employers. You can see information about specific careers, including links to some sector organisations and societies on Job Information.

You can also search for organisations linked to a specific type of trade or industry through the internet: keywords to use in the search engine - ‘Sector’ + ‘Association or Federation or Society’ + UK, for example - Engineering + Association + UK. This will bring up lists of Engineering Associations. Some of these sites have free access to their membership directories. You can contact companies you would like to work for, or view their websites for any advertised jobs. If you are not sure of what type of job you are interested in yet try our Career Match Quiz to get ideas.

Read the business and finance sections of local newspapers, either online or paper versions

This is an excellent way to find out what companies are expanding in your area, or moving into the area. You may even find a contact name in the newspaper article so you know who to approach. You can then use a search engine online to find out more about the company or see if they have any jobs on their website.

Access specialist sites - look out for specialist sites as you search for jobs

You can then bookmark ones that interest you and return to them later.

Examples of specialist sites include:

  • Fast Growth 50 which lists the 50 fastest growing companies in Wales. As they are growing companies they may well be recruiting and in your covering letter e-mail you can start by saying how you found their company or vacancy
  • WeCare.Wales - Job vacancies in care
  • FE jobs – jobs in colleges across the UK
Use social media

Social media can be a great way to make contacts and find work.

Get advice on how to find work through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Find out how to present the right social media presence.

Recruitment agencies have their own sites advertising jobs

They also advertise through the big online job websites. Find out more about recruitment agencies.

Graduate jobs

There are a variety of places to search for graduate jobs:

  • Universities own job boards – visit your own university careers service
  • Graduate job sites
  • Online job websites
  • Employers own sites – if you know of an employer you would like to work for, visit their website and search for graduate opportunities
  • Civil Service

There are 3 main ways to find apprenticeship vacancies:

Don't feel like you have to do this alone

There are plenty of people who want to help you to find work so you could:

You can also find jobs that are not online

  • Ask your contacts. Ask everyone you know about any companies they have heard of, or work for, and contact the companies. If you feel unsure about how to approach companies use our hints and tips on writing letters/e-mails to impress, and telephoning to ask for jobs
  • Advertised in companies’ windows. Some employers still advertise by posting a notice in their windows or notice boards

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