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Recruitment agency work

Joining a recruitment agency can give you access to jobs not advertised online and can help you get vital work experience.

With more and more jobs being advertised via agencies in the coming years, you don’t want to miss out.

What are recruitment agencies?

Recruitment agencies match job-seekers to suitable jobs they have advertised. Many employers register with agencies to find employees and you can also register with agencies to find work.

Types of agencies include:

  • Agencies specialising in an area of work like construction, IT, nursing and other healthcare jobs. If you have a skill, trade or set of special qualifications, search online for agencies offering that type of work
  • Agencies having vacancies across a range of job areas. Sometimes these agencies also specialise in jobs in the local area. Search online for employment agencies and add your post code or town

Why do employers use agencies?

Employers use agencies because:

  • It is a simpler and quicker way for them to find the right candidate - the agency go through the applications and match the right candidate with the employer and job role
  • Sometimes they only need to fill a temporary role
  • They don’t have the money to hire someone permanently, but do have work that needs doing

What’s in it for you?

Agencies can offer you temporary work, for example, a week as a receptionist with one employer and then another week with a different employer.

Agencies sometimes have job opportunities that they need to fill quickly. You won’t see these jobs online and only people on their books will hear about them.

Advantages of temping:

  • It can give you a foot in the door within a company or industry which could lead to a permanent job in the future
  • You get vital work experience, even if it is in a different field to your preferred career it will benefit your CV
  • You can try different types of job to see what best suits you

Remember! Agencies also advertise jobs with longer contracts and even permanent jobs.

Your rights as an Agency Worker

There are specific laws to protect you when working through an agency.  The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EAS) enforces these laws, as the regulator of employment agencies and employment businesses. If you need their help, visit the EAS website.

Your next steps

Don't miss out on jobs, sign up with recruitment agencies.

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