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What things could I be doing?

As an adult you will have some responsibility for how you live your daily life.

Your daily living skills

Some of the things you will have to think about if you live in your own house are:

Personal care

This includes:

Icon of a t-shirt

Getting washed and dressed

Icon of a shower

Washing your hair

Icon of toothpaste and toothbrush

Cleaning your teeth

Going to college or work

This includes:

Icon of an alarm clock

Getting up on time

Icon of a bus

Catching a bus, train or taxi to college or work

Icon of an apple

Making your own packed lunch or making sure you have money for food


This includes:

Icon of a shopping basket

Shopping for food

Icon of a cooking pot

Cooking and cleaning

Icon of a washing machine

Washing and ironing clothes

Managing money

This includes:

Icon of a wallet

Going out and shopping

Icon of a paper bill

Paying bills

Icon of a piggy bank

Budget and save money – this means that you plan what you have to spend money on to make sure that you can pay for everything

Leisure time

In your spare time you could:

Icon of a bowl and whisk

Try different clubs and classes, for example IT, fitness and cookery

Icon of person swimming

Visit the leisure centre because keeping fit is good for your health. You could go swimming, use the gym or do a fitness class

Icon of a dog on a lead

Volunteer and  help others. Volunteering is a good way to get more skills too. Find out more about volunteering

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