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Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s story

Dr Meilyr Emrys and Sioned Roberts standing with their Valued Partner Award trophy

Dr Meilyr Emrys is a Welsh Language Officer at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (UHB). He works with schools in North Wales to promote the Welsh language.

Meilyr's actions inspire students to discover their ability to speak Welsh. As a result, they gain more confidence in using the language.

His passion for teaching Welsh is evident in the students' engagement.

Attending career events

Meilyr attended many events to promote the Welsh language, such as:

  • Careers/Apprenticeships Fairs
  • Carousel events
  • Health and Social Care Events
  • Apprenticeships Presentations

In October 2023, he visited two schools in each county in North Wales for a Welsh language show. He talked to large groups of students in an assembly and to smaller class-based groups.

Promoting the Welsh Language

Meilyr helped raising awareness of organisations and job roles where the Welsh Language is essential.

He explained the importance of the Welsh language in the world of work and the benefits of having Welsh language skills.

With each event, Meilyr inspired pupils to continue learning Welsh. He helped them to feel confident speaking Welsh at any level.

Award winner

Meilyr was presented with a Valued Partner Award by Careers Wales in November 2023. He received an award for Best Promoter of Welsh in the Workplace.

Careers Wales business engagement adviser, Martin Webber, who works with Meilyr said: “Dr Emrys is very deserving of this award. He has done an amazing job promoting the Welsh language among children as well as adults. His passion is remarkable!”

Meilyr said: "I think it’s very important when we work with schools, to explain to young people that speaking just a little bit of Welsh means they have basic bilingual skills, and it is a huge advantage for them and there is a real value in it.”


Valued Partner Awards

The Valued Partner Awards is a way for Careers Wales to recognise and thank the businesses that have worked with us and been instrumental in supporting schools and young people to engage with the world of work.

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