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Colette Affaya's story

Airbus staff and pupils standing in front of an aeroplane

Colette is an education liaison officer at aerospace company, Airbus. She has helped her employer to become a close partner with schools in North Wales.

Airbus makes aeroplanes and provides services for flying. They are a large employer in the local area.

Thanks to Colette’s work, Airbus have helped with over 30 education-business events in North Wales.

Commitment beyond measure

Airbus is a School Valued Partner. As part of this programme, Colette created a range of activities for learners.

These included:

  • Airplane cabin design
  • Green practices
  • The theory of flight
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities
  • Engaging debates and challenges

Colette is committed to promoting STEM careers. She has also worked hard to inspire young girls to follow a career in science and engineering.

Award winner

Careers Wales presented Colette with a Valued Partner Award in November 2023. She won the award for Outstanding Personal Contribution.

Colette said, "I started this role at Airbus only a little over a year ago so to get this nomination and award feels amazing. I love doing this job. I love going out to schools and inspiring young people about new careers.

“My mind is always going with ideas, and I can’t stop thinking about new educational activities to introduce in the future.”

Careers Wales business engagement adviser, Kayleigh Brummell, works with Colette. She said, “Colette has gone above and beyond to support schools in North Wales. We have built up a fantastic working relationship.

“She is always looking for better ways to do things. Colette has come up with some great ideas and resources to support schools. It’s inspirational to see Colette’s passion to promote careers in STEM. She is also keen to enriching all areas of the curriculum. She has been amazing.”


Working with schools

Supported by Careers Wales you could make a real difference to the lives of young people, whilst benefiting your business. 

Valued Partner Awards

The Valued Partner Awards is a way for Careers Wales to recognise and thank the businesses that have worked with us and been instrumental in supporting schools and young people to engage with the world of work.