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Cottage Coppicing's story

Lisa Standley working in the forest

Responding to a social media post led to a valuable work experience opportunity.

Lisa Standley is the owner of Cottage Coppicing, a traditional wooden crafts shop based in Caerleon. She set up Cottage Coppicing 11 years ago.

Lisa handmakes in her workshop personalised gifts such as wooden bookmarks, decorations or keyrings. All the wood she uses comes from places that care for forests, or from businesses certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

After coming across a social media post, Lisa reached out to Careers Wales to offer her support. She guided and helped a young learner to pursue his interest in woodwork.

Finding a way

A learner in Year 11 from Caerleon Comprehensive School had developed a keen interest in woodwork while studying design and technology. Lisa provided a safe environment for this young person's growth by offering a work experience at her workshop.

The workshop was four miles from the school. To get there the learner would have had to take two buses. Lisa worked with health and safety, the school, and the student's parents to organise a direct journey for him.

Lisa was committed to his development. She played a significant role as a supportive and caring mentor.

A rich experience

The placement was one year long. Lisa made sure the young person was able to gain as much experience as possible. She offered a mix of learning though watching and trying things themselves.

As a result, the learner developed woodworking skills which allowed him to carry out tasks alone.

Award winner

Lisa's dedication and the student's progress did not go unnoticed. Careers Wales recognised Lisa's commitment in November 2023 and presented her with a Valued Partner Award. Cottage Coppicing won the Most Supportive Work Experience Employer award.

This award highlighted the significant impact that Lisa made in shaping the career and future of a young person.

Lisa said, “It’s a tough time for kids, they face challenges we never did at their age. I’m happy I can help by offering them a work experience that they enjoy, that is a little bit different and that leads them on to a different career path.”

Careers Wales business engagement adviser, Yvonne Carroll, works with Lisa. Yvonne said, "Lisa's passion and commitment shows how one person can truly inspire and shape the future of the next generation."


Working with schools

Supported by Careers Wales you could make a real difference to the lives of young people, whilst benefiting your business. 

Valued Partner Awards

The Valued Partner Awards is a way for Careers Wales to recognise and thank the businesses that have worked with us and been instrumental in supporting schools and young people to engage with the world of work.