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How to get an Apprenticeship

So you’ve decided that you want to become an apprentice. Now you need to know how to get an apprenticeship. Take a look at our guide to getting an apprenticeship.

1. Find apprenticeship vacancies

The main places to find apprenticeship vacancies are:

2. Get prepared before you apply

Read carefully:

  • The job description and job specification
  • The instructions and information about the apprenticeship application process (this could be in the job description or on the company’s website)
  • About the apprenticeship programme offered within the company (if available on the company’s website)
  • Information about the company on the company’s website

Have this information with you when you fill out the application/CV and covering letter.


  • Your CV and/or application form. Your apprenticeship application will be one among lots of others. Make your CV stand out from the crowd and submit the best CV or application you possibly can:
    • Take time to complete the CV and application form. Don’t rush it.
    • Get help to build a CV or write an application, and contact us if you would like more help
    • Ask someone to proof read the CV/application for you before you send it
    • Keep a copy of all CVs and application forms you send. You will need to know what you’ve written to prepare for the interview stage. Tip: If you are going for similar jobs you may be able to re-use information in them.
  • A covering email or letter to go with your CV or application (if required). Some employers will ask for a covering letter or email. Find out what to put in a covering letter/email.
  • For online or face to face assessments. Some apprenticeships have online or face to face assessments. Take practice tests to get prepared
  • For interview. If you have a strong CV or application you are more likely to get an interview. Give yourself the best chance and prepare for interviews before they happen.
Looking for an Apprenticeship?

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