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Christmas seasonal jobs

Employers usually recruit for seasonal Christmas jobs from September right into December.

  • Keep on checking the websites as you never know when new vacancies will be advertised.
  • Some Christmas seasonal jobs are only advertised for a short time so visit sites regularly.

Websites to get you started in finding that Christmas seasonal job

Catering jobs

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, parks, and cafes often recruit extra staff in the run up to during Christmas.

  • The larger companies advertise vacancies on their own websites, and many employers use catering and general websites.
  • Companies may often recruit in their windows, so keep a look out when you are passing by.
  • Approaching local restaurants and pubs and handing in your CV is also a good way to find work.

A few of the major restaurants to get you started include:

Other catering outlets include:

General catering job sites include:


  • Delivery of letters and parcels around the UK and beyond can require a mix of full and part time staff as well as shift work.
  • Companies often recruit on their own website


  • Hotels recruit through general job sites like Indeed, Reed and Find a job.
  • Approaching hotels and asking about vacancies is also a good way to find work.
  • Some hotels also recruit on their own websites.

Listed are some hotels in Wales as a starting point:

Hotel job sites include:

Find hotels near you by searching hotel listings. You can then contact the hotels or find vacancies on their websites.

Examples of listings include:


Some shops get busier during Christmas. Examples of stores that might get busier and need Christmas staff could include toy stores, supermarkets, clothing and health and beauty stores.

Look for vacancies on online job sites, or approach local stores near you to find out more.

Examples of stores include:

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies advertise a wide range of seasonal jobs including catering, waiting on, bar staff and much more.

Contact recruitment agencies in your area or use the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) to find a recruitment agency near you.

Safer job searching

Watch out for job scams when you search for jobs on websites. More people are being targeted by online job scams. Find out more about how to avoid the job scams on Safer Jobs.

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