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Summer seasonal jobs abroad

Working abroad over the summer can be a way to gain employment and see other countries at the same time.

  • Employers usually recruit for seasonal summer jobs from March right into the summer
  • Keep on checking the websites as you never know when new vacancies will be advertised
  • Some summer seasonal jobs are only advertised for a short time so visit sites regularly

Find seasonal jobs abroad

General job sites for seasonal jobs abroad

Find a wide range of jobs abroad on these websites:

Summer camps abroad

Apply to summer camps:

Holiday reps and more

  • Tour Operators and Travel companies recruit for seasonal Holiday Reps to work all over the world
  • There are a wide range of jobs available with Tour Operators including: Holiday Reps, kitchen staff, running children's clubs, nannies, spa work and sports instructors.

Take a look at travel companies and tour operators for holiday rep jobs and more:

Cruise liners and ferries

Cruise lines

Jobs available on cruise liners can include entertainment jobs, retail, childcare, housekeeping and cleaning, food and beverage, photography and sport and fitness.

Here are some cruise lines to get you started finding that cruise line job:

Search for more jobs at All Cruise Jobs.


Ferry companies can also advertise for summer jobs:

Nannies and Au Pairs

Look for jobs abroad as a nanny or au pair and find out more about the jobs:

Safer job searching

Watch out for job scams when you search for jobs on websites. More people are being targeted by online job scams. Find out more about how to avoid the job scams at Safer Jobs.

For more information on finding registered travel companies to work for visit:

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