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Accessibility sampling 2019

In June 2019 Careers Wales commissioned Shaw Trust Accessibility Services to carry out an accessibility audit on This document outlines our approach to sampling for the accessibility audit.

We based the sampling around user journeys based on different personas representing a sample cross section of users:

  • A Level student
  • Recently redundant individual
  • User seeking an apprenticeship
  • Employed career changer

Common elements of all pages were covered including:

  • Header and Footer
  • Breadcrumb
  • Social icons and social sharing block
  • Language selector

The user journey was designed to replicate a likely journey of the user, and to cover the different components and functionality of the website. This sampling took place on what in June 2019 was a beta site, prior to it becoming the full live site.

New developments were also in scope for testing. In June 2019 the first new development for the new website, Support finder, was also tested.

List of web pages selected for sampling

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