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Accessibility sampling 2020

Careers Wales have commissioned the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services to carry out an accessibility audit on commencing December 2020.

The approach to sampling for the 2020-2021 accessibility audit by Shaw Trust Accessibility Services covers:

  • New developments and applications
  • Web pages that contain new functionality
  • Document downloads
  • Persona based user journeys

New developments

The accessibility audit will cover the following developments:

Web pages that contain new functionality

New functions have been added to the following pages and therefore form part of the sampling:

Document downloads

Two pages that contain popular downloads are being included in the sampling as follows:

Persona based user journeys 

We based the sampling around user journeys based on different personas representing a sample cross section of users:

  • Careers Adviser interviewing a 16 year old with additional learning needs
  • Returner to work
  • Teacher and Year 7 learners

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