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Employers recruiting now

It’s a challenging time to look for work, but there are lots of employers recruiting in Wales this summer. Start your search for a new job here!

The job market in Wales has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. But there are still lots of jobs in Wales to apply for.

How has the Job Market Changed?

Vacancies in areas like restaurants and tourism have decreased and the focus has shifted towards areas like health, care and supermarkets. 

Some key facts:
There were more than 43,700 job postings across Wales in April 2020. This is nearly 10,000 fewer than in March
Top employers recruiting included recruitment agencies and the NHS
The top 5 job titles advertised were: 

  1. Nurses 4,378
  2. Care Workers 2,508
  3. Sales Managers 1,034
  4. Software Professionals 933
  5. Van Drivers 856

Source: EMSI, 2020

Who are Recruiting in Wales?

The links below take you to the websites of employers who are recruiting now.

Job vacancies will change over time, so check back regularly.




Other retail job sites:


Other Public Services

Council seasonal jobs

There may still be some seasonal work available with local councils, such as grass cutting, parks and grounds maintenance
People Exchange Cymru (Public sector opportunities across Wales)

Construction, labouring and landscaping

Even during these uncertain times, there may be job opportunities in construction, labouring and landscaping. Look for vacancies on online job sites like Indeed, Reed and Find a job.

Construction companies also use Recruitment Agencies to advertise seasonal work

You will usually need to have a CSCS Health and Safety Card to work on construction sites. 

Please note that in Wales, the CSCS testing centres are still closed due to COVID-19. 

the CSCS scheme have temporarily changed some scheme rules to help existing card holders:

  • If you’re card expired in March 2020 or later, you might still be able to use it to get work for now, at your employers’ discretion
  • You now have 12 months instead of 6 to renew an existing card after it expires

Please visit the CSCS website for the most up-to-date situation.

Safer job searching

Watch out for job scams when you search for jobs on websites. More people are being targeted by online job scams. Find out more about how to avoid the job scams at Safer Jobs.

Apply for jobs now

See live vacancies across Wales by visiting our Vacancy Bulletin page.

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