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Your child in college and 6th form

Your child will be taking more responsibility for themselves, their work and plans. But your support will still be important as they decide what to do next.

Choices and decisions

Your child will be settling into routines and adjusting to new ways of learning. It's to be expected that this will take a little time.

Some courses might include an element of work experience.

When it comes to their next step, it's good to remember that there's more than one route to a successful career. Being aware of options and opportunities is important.

After their course your child might be considering:

If your child is considering university, they can start to prepare their application in the spring term in year 12.

There's a lot to find out about with each of these options. Our career routes and pathways information will help with this.

Ways we support your child

Our aim is to support your child’s next step into learning or work. This may be through a group session or an individual discussion with an adviser. Your child can request support by speaking to their Head of Sixth Form or Student Services.

We provide extra support for learners who are at risk of not completing their course.

If your child decides to leave education, support will be available through Working Wales.

Time to Talk

During their course it's good to find out what your child is enjoying. Explore their plans for what they would like to do next and where they hope that might lead.

Encourage your child to share any concerns with you and staff at the school or college. Teachers, tutors, learner or student services will be ready to help.

If your child feels that the course they're studying isn't right for them, our Stop. Don't Drop page has advice and guidance for them. They can also contact us to discuss their situation. We can provide impartial, personalised help.

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