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Career routes and pathways

There's more than one route your child could take from school to employment. Knowing about the different pathways will help you support them on their journey to a career they will enjoy.

Aged 16-18
Routes and pathways

With fewer than 5 GCSE's grade A* to C (or equivalent) your child could consider:

With at least 5 GCSE's grade A* to C (or equivalent) in addition to the options above, your child could also consider:

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Aged 18+
Routes and pathways
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We're here to help

There are lots of possible routes to a successful career. We can help you and your child explore the best one for them.

Contact us

We offer face-to-face support in careers centres, libraries, schools, colleges and community locations.

We can also work with you and your child via webchat, video call or telephone.

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